Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RE: We lost some good men out there...

Hey team, I wanted to throw out this idea for our allies with busy schedules and such. While doodling I thought to myself how it was funny to show Whoever Vs. Ninjas in a single panel, simply by showing Whoever on the far right, and ninja stars flying at them from the left. One could choose whatever antagonist, be it lizard-men, warlocks, robots, daisies, or Dick Cheney, and simply plug them into the right side of the panel.

Clicking this should bring you to a version big enough to see:

Certainly someone with a better sense of design could improve on the panel's layout - put less negative space in the middle and have maybe three or four variations of ninja star arrangements - but hopefully you get the idea for now.

Perhaps if people wanted to they could provide a simple drawing of an opponent, and they could be compliled into a couple of pages at the end of the book? Also, maybe the panel with the Mystery Silhoutte might work as a masthead/banner/logo? What do you think?

Monday, March 20, 2006

changes to storyboard

All right, after several attempt , I finally manage to repost my boards with some changes. Hopefully it reads a little better this time.

We lost some good men out there...

I'm sorry to report due to busy schedules, a few people have had to drop out of the NinjaVs book. Colin, Anne, Bruce, and Nick have unfortunately been forced to pull out. Which leaves myself, Danny, Dave Chai, Gia, Jason Courtney, Jeff B, and maybe Ian and maybe Wayne. By my estimates, we still have enough for about 50ish pages. I think all the stuff we've seen so far on the blog has been great and I can't wait to see things progress. Keep up the good work and have fun with it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

image posting problem

Hey guys, I'm having problem posting images. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem, or is it just me.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

vs. catering trucks ending II

Trying to improve my ending; thanks for the help Dave & Dave. I hope this one works. I added another page; I hope that isn't any trouble this late into the schedule.

*2 minutes later*

N1: His Flying Lotus technique was surprisingly advanced.

N2: Almost a worthy opponent.

N1: And another objective in our mission is accomplished. Now we must make the arduous journey to Michoacan Tacos & Ice Cream, to obtain their legendary headless chinchilla!

N2: Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ninjas Versus ...

Hi Guys,

I edited my earlier post, replacing the first three spreads. Still rough, but tied down a bit better.



Hey Everybody, Had some fun last weekend doodling. I was thinking Ninjas vs. Doughnuts and Coffee. Here's the pix ...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ninja Vs Werewolves

Here's the completed storyboard, I'm actaully going paint over these for the final pages. There's no text, so I hope it reads.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ninjas vs. Guilt

Hi Guys,

(Here are some roughs. I still need to tie down the last two spreads)

This story is about a ninja confiding to a French art guy in a coffee shop about how guilty he feels for killing so many people. The French guy makes him feel better. At the end, it turns out that the French guy is the one he is supposed to kill next.

I typed in text below each page. Ninja is in black, French guy in
blue (sacre blue)

Hope you can tell what's going on...

Dave Chai

It's just that I feel so guilty. I don't know what to do. So what is zee problem ? (cool French accent) I'm responsible for the deaths of so many people. Households destroyed, children orphaned, countless lives shattered. So what is zee big conflict? Zhey were people who dezerved it... no? Zey were bad men... no? Not always... no.

There have even been babies... and puppies. Puppies? Puppies. Puppies, grandmothers, nuns, babysitters, powerwalkers. Rivers of innocent blood flow because of my hands. I don't know if I can live with myself anymore. Mizuer, look at it zis way.

We all feel guilty at times. Zee cowboy, politician, lumberjack... even me. For example, there was one time I had three naked women in zee hot tub. While I paid attention to one, zee others had to wait. I felt terrible. But found comfort in knowing... zhey only had to wait 40 minutes until zeir next turn.

We cannot change who we are, any more than we can stop zee sun from rising. We need to sit back and embrace who it is we are. Because if we do not... zee guilt would not exist... because neither would oui. That is so heavy. I am French. Thank you so much. Mmmmmm... Did you zay zomezing?

Thank you so much. Zit iz no problem. I've gotta get back to work. It's been so nice talking with you.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hey team,

I first want to apologize for being a couple days late in getting this together, and also thank master of the dojo, Mr. Yee, for keeping the project on track and generally rocking. That said, here's some thumbnails...

It's very stupid, but any suggestions on how I could make it not only stupid but funny too are welcome. Since it's mostly dialogue I've included the script below. I think it still needs some sort of ending gag or "button", just the ninjas saying something as they walk away or something.

Oh, and "V" stands for "catering-truck Vender", and "N" stands for... well, you know...

N: Hey, we'd like a tuna on white, and... an egg salad sandwich with wheat.

V: Tuna on white and egg salad on wheat!

N: yeah.

N: Hey, what's with the bunny rabbit?

V: Bunny rabbit with no legs, five ninety-nine.

N: What? It doesn't even have legs? What the hell, you're selling it?

V: What, why do you care?

N: What do you mean why do we care? Its just not right! What the hell is wrong with you?

V: You guys are Ninjas. You're, like, hardened assassins without feelings, existing only to carry out
totally sinister and nefarious missions in the night! Ninjas are silent and deadly, they don't
go around rescuing animals.

N: Oh, I see. All ninjas are the same to you. I bet you're like "I can't even tell one ninja apart from
the others they all look the same to me"

N: Look, how about you just give us the bunny and throw in that little cart to wheel it around in.

V: Cart's ten bucks.

N: We not funding your criminal inhumanity!!

V: I don't suppose sensitive, soft hearted ninjas such as yourselves would even carry any shuriken? No?
Wakizashis? Katanas, Kama, Jutte?

V: In which case, are you going to pay for your sandwiches...

*pulls gun*

V: ...or am I going to have to ask you to get lost?

*cut to two minutes later, ninjas wheeling bunny away from burning wreckage of catering truck*

Ninjas Vs Aliens Thumbnails

Hey guys, here are my thumbnails. Basically, my story is about a ninja whose on an assasination assignment. But before he can complete his mission, he is abducted by a ufo and his target gets away. The ninja wakes up in a laboratory, surrounded by a coupla aliens. They are just about to begin start experimenting on him, when he flicks open a foot knife, and whoops some alien ass. As the ninja tries to leave, he is gangtackled by more aliens. Fighting ensues. Ninja ends up on the bridge of the UFO and crashes out the window. He slides down the ufo and hangs off the side. An alien shoots a laser near his hand, forcing him to let go of the ship. The ninja falls through the sky to the city below. He is about to land on the pavement, when a man just happens to walk underneath him. The ninja lands on top of the man. The mans body splatters all over the pavement, while breaking the ninjas fall. The ninja gets up, looks down on the guy and sees that it is his original target he was supposed to assasinate. The story is narrated throughout by a diary entry by the ninja, using either "stoner" type language or some other common speech pattern. Any comments? Suggestions?