Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ninjas Vs Aliens Thumbnails

Hey guys, here are my thumbnails. Basically, my story is about a ninja whose on an assasination assignment. But before he can complete his mission, he is abducted by a ufo and his target gets away. The ninja wakes up in a laboratory, surrounded by a coupla aliens. They are just about to begin start experimenting on him, when he flicks open a foot knife, and whoops some alien ass. As the ninja tries to leave, he is gangtackled by more aliens. Fighting ensues. Ninja ends up on the bridge of the UFO and crashes out the window. He slides down the ufo and hangs off the side. An alien shoots a laser near his hand, forcing him to let go of the ship. The ninja falls through the sky to the city below. He is about to land on the pavement, when a man just happens to walk underneath him. The ninja lands on top of the man. The mans body splatters all over the pavement, while breaking the ninjas fall. The ninja gets up, looks down on the guy and sees that it is his original target he was supposed to assasinate. The story is narrated throughout by a diary entry by the ninja, using either "stoner" type language or some other common speech pattern. Any comments? Suggestions?


Blogger jason courtney said...

This looks really damn good. I think just the image of a ninja floating in a ufo tractor beam itself is awesomeness. When it comes to clarity, it seems like some sort of really distinctive design cue to help identify the guy running away as the same one the ninja falls on, like a fedora hat, or making him round and fat, might help. I dont know that I see him as the ultimate target for this ninja's mission, I saw him more like "just another guy", like another bodyguard.

11:39 PM  
Blogger dyee said...

Thanks for the suggesttion J-man. I actually talked a bit about this with DC and Dannyboy yesterday and I'm definitely gonna work out a more distinctive character design for him.

11:45 PM  

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