Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RE: We lost some good men out there...

Hey team, I wanted to throw out this idea for our allies with busy schedules and such. While doodling I thought to myself how it was funny to show Whoever Vs. Ninjas in a single panel, simply by showing Whoever on the far right, and ninja stars flying at them from the left. One could choose whatever antagonist, be it lizard-men, warlocks, robots, daisies, or Dick Cheney, and simply plug them into the right side of the panel.

Clicking this should bring you to a version big enough to see:

Certainly someone with a better sense of design could improve on the panel's layout - put less negative space in the middle and have maybe three or four variations of ninja star arrangements - but hopefully you get the idea for now.

Perhaps if people wanted to they could provide a simple drawing of an opponent, and they could be compliled into a couple of pages at the end of the book? Also, maybe the panel with the Mystery Silhoutte might work as a masthead/banner/logo? What do you think?


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